Getronagan Armenian High School

Prior to Getronagan High School's opening in 1886, to purpose of establishment was stated as.

"As a community school, with the education it provides to Armenian students and its objectives, Getronagan should become an establishment with a productivity level that is well - above standards of foreign schools."

In Memory of Nerses Archbishop Varjabetyan,
The charitable Patriarch of Ottoman Armenians

Getronagan High School was established on 1 September 1886 at the time of Catholicos Magar, the religious leader of Armenians worldwide, and Harutyun Archbishop Vehabetyan, the Patriarch of Armenians in İstanbul, upon liquidation of depts of the community in Galata, with the money collected by the initiative and kind endeavours of Nerses Archbishop Varjabetyan. 


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